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Thanks for considering contributing a guest post to Travel Eat Cook! Are you a fellow travel or foodie content creator? If so, we look forward to collaborating and showcasing your contributions in a trusted resource space.

Below are some guidelines and recommendations for each piece of content you may want to submit.

List of Desired Blog Post Topics

We accept posts for guest content that fall under the following categories:

  • Travel Guides
  • Travel Tips
  • Automotive Trips
  • Unique Travel Locations
  • Cruising
  • Food Experiences: such as “The Best Restaurants In…” or “Foods You Must Eat In (city or country)…”
  • Recipes: All sorts, but those emphasizing foods from different countries will stand out.

Guest Post Content Tips

  • First and most importantly, CONTENT MUST BE ORIGINAL. We cannot accept duplicate or syndicated content for guest posts. Posts that have appeared anywhere else on the on-line, won’t be published.
  • This requirement is for the benefit of Travel Eat Cook and guest posters. Google does not want duplicate content and will penalize all sites involved if they deem the content shared “duplicate content.”
  • Using bullet points, lists, and short paragraphs is highly encouraged as it makes reading easier.
  • If you quote other content, please link to it. Always name your sources.
  • You may not link to any business, blog, or website you receive compensation from as a writer.
  • Do not promote any brand in your guest post.
  • Do not use affiliate links in your post.
  • Posts for Travel or “Food Experiences” should be 1,500 – 2,000+ words long. With appropriate
  • Recipe posts (“cook”) should be 1,000+ words, not including the recipe card.
    • The post’s text should include step-by-step instructions per Google’s preference.
    • For recipe guest posts, at least 4 in-process photos and 4 completed recipe images are required.
    • Two (2) completed recipe images must be at least 1000×1500 pixels.
    • If you use a stock photo, you must include a link to it on the site showing when you purchased it to verify it. All images must be at a minimum of 1000 pixels wide. Pinterest-friendly images are 1000 x 1500.
  • Write in a conversational tone. Be respectful; no profanity, sex, hate, or violence will be tolerated.
  • Break up your content to make it easy to read. Short sentences and short paragraphs of no more than 3 sentences are best.
  • Include at least two (2) high-quality original photographs or images along with the guest post with appropriate photographer credits. All photos must be original or from a paid royalty stock image company like DepositPhoto or BigStockPhoto.

Other Things You Can Include In Your Guest Post

Outbound Links. Want to make sure people know a specific definition of a word or concept? Link to it. Make sure your links are to authoritative sites. Only link to your site if it’s a highly relevant blog post.

Lists and Bullets. Most people skim articles on the Web until they find the value. Bullet points make this easier.

NOTE: Travel Eat Cook reserves complete editorial control and may edit submissions as they see fit. Editing may include anything from removing too much self-promotion to optimizing for SEO.

Guest Post Promotion

We encourage you to promote your post on your social media sites, newsletter, or link to it from your blog.

You may place a “snippet” of the post on your blog. But you must include a link back to the original content on our site.  Again this is so that we both avoid duplicate content penalties.

Interested In Submitting A Guest Post? Here’s The Logistics

  • First, let’s collaborate and agree on a topic and title. Don’t start writing until we’ve done this!
  • Once we’ve agreed on the topic, please provide a timeline for when you expect to submit the article for us to review.
  • If excessive editing is required, we will not accept the post. Please make an effort to correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Including one (1) link to your site within the content of the guest post is allowed as long as the information is relevant to your post.
  • A short bio of the author (50 words or less) with a link back to your blog at the end of your post is acceptable.
  • Submit your post as an attached document (Word or Google) via e-mail to upon approval of the topic.
    • In your submission e-mail, acknowledge that you will comply with the guest post guidelines in this policy.
    • Provide your blog URL
    • Share an example of one of your best blog posts
  • Submitting your post does not guarantee publication. Upon approval, an e-mail will be sent acknowledging receipt and letting you know the publication date. This way we can both promote the content you have created for Travel Eat Cook.

If you think you’d make an interesting, valuable contribution to the Travel Eat Cook blog, reach out! We’re always on the lookout for people to collaborate with!