Good Places To Eat

Every day we eat.  When we travel, we eat.  Sometimes we choose where we’re going because of what we want to eat.  And we’ve found some pretty good places to eat.

If you are interested in food, whether fine dining, street food, or something in between, we let you know about our finds here.

San Francisco Ferry Building & Bay Bridge

San Francisco Staycation!

For my birthday this year, I wanted to getaway. I did not want to fly somewhere or take a long drive. I just wanted to not be at home. Because we live in the SF-Bay Area and both grew up in San Francisco, a San Francisco Staycation was the natural go-to.

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San Miguel de Allende Town Square

San Miguel de Allende

A must-do while in San Miguel is to visit one or more of the “roof-top” bars for which the city is famous. We find one such place above the restaurant Casa Nostra.

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