Europe so easy to say, not so easy to understand!  Just a bit ago there were only 44 countries in Europe.  Then along came Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey! Now Europe has 51 countries.  Maybe, it depends on how you count countries. There is a lot of culture and history to be found on this continent.

You better get busy exploring!

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day In Ireland

Do They Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day In Ireland?

St. Patrick’s Day in the United States is a celebration of “our version” of all things Irish. New York City has been celebrating the Irish Saint since 1762, years before the US was even the US! Chicago dyes the Chicago River emerald green. But you may wonder, do they celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland?

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Viking Long Ship

Oktoberfest: Oslo Layover

Aker Brygge is a hugely popular neighborhood in Oslo. There are eateries all along the pier where the Oslovian’s love to enjoy great food and good friends on the warm sunny summer afternoons.

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