Travel Tips

Looking for tips, tricks, or hacks that will make your travels easier and more fun?  Over the years, we’ve collected quite a few time and money savers.  Want to know what to pack or when to go, or what app to use? 

We’ve got that and more.  Keep checking back, we keep listing more.

World-Famous Gardens - Boboli Gardens

9 Beautiful World-Famous Gardens

Do you love walking through massive formal gardens on huge estates, pretending you are one of the privileged ones who live there? Fortunately for most of us, many of these large estates are now open to the public. For a usually small admission price (necessary to cover the cost of maintaining these gems), anyone can stroll through the mazes, rose gardens, and gaze into koi ponds just like the hoity-toity.

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How to organize travel plans - All the stuff you need to organize

How To Organize Travel Plans – 2 Proven Ways

How do you keep all your ideas and bookings neatly organized? You’ve got rail tickets or airline e-ticket numbers, hotel confirmations, site tours, and shows. Now you need to know how to organize travel plans, so you don’t lose or forget anything!

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Why Its Important to Get In Shape For Travel - Stair Climbing

Why It’s Important To Get In Shape For Travel

Traveling can be exhausting. You are seeing and doing things every day that are different. You push yourself to go further because who knows when you will be back here again. Your body needs to be ready. This is why I take time to get in shape for travel.

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Visit Vietnam - Hue Citadel

How To Save Money For Travel

Do you dream of traveling the world? Are you dying to see sites that up til now you’ve only viewed in magazines, movies, or on TV? “Yes, of course, I want to travel,” you say, “but I don’t have money to travel.”

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Trip Planning

How to Plan A Trip: 8 Easy Steps To Becoming A World Traveller!

So you made some New Year’s resolutions to travel more this year. But where to start? If this is your first time heading out on the road, how to plan a trip can seem overwhelming. There are so many questions: Where to go? Who to travel with? How much will traveling cost? What will I do when I get wherever I am going?

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Places to Visit Before They Disappear - Venice Italy

12 Places To Visit Before They Disappear

Endangered places are on everyone’s bucket list. Threats to these places include wind and rain erosion, sea-level rise, fire, floods, earthquakes, and the constant press of humankind. Go now, visit these places before they disappear.

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How to Pack a Suitcase

How to Pack a Suitcase To Maximize the Space

Since that first trip, I’ve been fortunate to have many opportunities to improve my packing skills. Below are some of the packing basics I’ve learned that will keep you looking sharp and help you avoid muscle strain and fatigue.

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