Travel is the one of the things I love most.  Do you get excited by planes, trains, and automobiles and all the places those contraptions can take you?  I do.

The anticipation of a new trip or the memory of a trip from the past can cure most doldrums.

“Travel” is where you will find the stories of journeys, both short and long.  You can enjoy these travels vicariously, but I hope they inspire you to get out there and see the world.

Travel Flamenco Dancers in Barcelona


Eat! Mangiare! Aufressen! Yemek! 

No matter where you are from or where you go, everyone loves to eat.  

When you travel, do you shop at the local markets and talk to the vendors about their food? Do you ask them for recommendations for their favorite restaurants?

“EAT” is where I share the markets, foods and cafes that are unique to the places I’ve traveled with you. 

Tapas & Cava


What do you collect on your travels? Recipes are the souvenirs I bring home. I love to share my memories with my friends and family.

“Cook” is where you’ll find the recipes inspired by the food enjoyed on the journey.

My Beef Stroganoff Dinner