• 4th of July Deviled Eggs

    Deviled Eggs – 3 Ways To Yum!

    Did you know the Romans are believed to have made the first “deviled eggs?” This egg dish seems pretty simple to make, and it is. What’s hard is getting the perfect hard-boiled egg.  And the ideal hard-boiled egg guarantees the best-deviled eggs in the end. The recipe I have here is pretty basic.  But I’ve also added suggestions for additions…

  • Make Ahead Tapas

    Host A Lively Party With These Make-Ahead Tapas

    Everyone loves small bites. These treats can be hot or cold, and you don’t have to have a fussy sit-down dinner to enjoy good company and conversation. The best thing about Tapas is that you can make many of them ahead of time, so you get to enjoy the party.