Staycation = 3 Hours From Here

Staycation = 3 Hours From Here!

Many times we aren’t able to take a full-on vacation.  We don’t have the time or money.  Back in 2009/10, after the last stock market and housing crisis, the Staycation concept grew increasingly popular.   In general, a staycation is a vacation you take while staying at home.  I know this idea seems like an oxymoron, how can you be on vacation if you are staying at home? 

The simple answer to that question is you choose to visit those museums, parks, and festivals that are near to you.  In our on-going efforts to satisfy our wanderlust, we often forget that there are many things in our community and close surroundings, that people who don’t live where we live, travel to our home towns to see.

The Idea Behind 3 Hours From Here

Staycations and mini-Vacations are what prompted the idea of 3 Hours From Here.  I found an app for my iPad called Free Map Tools that lets me see where I can go to based on the type of travel and amount of time I am willing to spend. 

In 3 Hours From Here, I am going to give you itineraries that you can do in a day or a weekend.  If you are really up for an adventure and can grab a Friday and a Monday you can have a four (4) day respite from the world in your own back yard.

Anywhere you are, there are places you can go for a great staycation!

I live in Northern California and there are way more places I can visit in around a 3-hour drive than you would ever imagine. 

My daughter lives in Southern California (LA) and when you draw that map, it’s equally crazy.

You can do this where you live… Do you live in Denver?  Here is your map!

Atlanta, Boise, Chicago, Dallas… you can see where this is going, and yes, I just did a little a b c d thing 🙂