• Gumby & Pokey In Zadar Croatia

    COVID Changes The Way We Travel – But Not Why We Travel

    When the first COVID shutdowns happened in March of 2020, the people of the world, myself included, were naive about this virus and how it would change everything, especially "non-essential travel." Initially, almost everyone stayed home.  That made sense; we were afraid of dying.  But after a bit, we started venturing out.  COVID changes the way we travel, but not…

  • A Year Without Travel

    Thoughts On 2020 – A Year Without Travel

    Our plans last year had us taking our first Transatlantic Cruise. Sailing from Fort Lauderdale to Copenhagen with stops in the Azores, Brest and Cherbourg France, and Skagen Denmark. Instead, we spent the last year following “stay at home” orders like many of you.

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